Gas Welding and Brazing Filler Materials

Copper Brazing Alloys

Browse our wide range of Copper Brazing Alloys

Flux Brazing Liquid

Browse our online catalogue for a wide range of Flux Brazing Liquid.

Flux Easyflo Ord

Flux Easyflo Ord is a general purpose brazing flux. Browse out catalogue of a range of Flux EasyFlo

Fluxcoat 402

Fluxcoat 402 is a general purpose alloy suitable for use on most engineering materials, representing the ultimate safety precautions against cadmium fume.

Fluxcoat 402 Yellow Filler

The Fluxcoat 402 filler is part of the range of cadmium-free flux coated alloys and represents the ultimate safety precautions against cadmium fume.


Fridgebraze was specially developed to overcome liquid embrittlement when brazing galvanised steel pipes used in the refrigeration industry.

Silfos 15 Blue Tip

Silfos 15 is a self-fluxing alloy recommended for fluxless brazing of copper to copper.

Silver Brazing Alloys

Silver Brazing Alloys is a powder with a low melting temperature.


Afrox provides a range of silvercoat filler minerals. Browse our online catalogue for a a wide range of silvercoats

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