TIG / GTAW Filler Materials

TIG 2209

Afrox TIG 2209 is used to weld duplex stainless steel pipe, plate, fittings and forgings having an approximate 50:50 microstructure of austenite with a ferrite matrix.

TIG 307

Afrox TIG 307Si is for use on dissimilar combinations of CMn, stainless, hardenable, wear resistant and armour steels.

Filmax NiCrMo-3

Afrox Filmax NiCrMo-3 is a solid wire for TIG welding designed to match the composition and properties of alloy 625.

Filmax Ni-1

Afrox Filmax Ni-1 is a solid wire for welding designed to give low carbon pure nickel deposit with the addition of titanium for refinement and de-oxidisation.

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