Arc Equipment

A comprehensive selection of MIG, TIG and MMA arc machines covering a wide range of welding requirements. With a full compliment of accessories, spares and consumables to support the efficient and effective operations of the arc welding equipment.

Plasma Cutting Power Sources

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TIG Power Sources

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Portable and Profile Gas Cutters

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TIG Machine Miller Syncrowave

The Miller Syncrowave 350LX power source with its squarewavetechnology provides arc stability when welding aluminium,prevents arc rectification and eliminates tungsten erosion.

Engine Driven Welders

Engine Driven Welders incorporate a gasoline, diesel, or propane fueled engine coupled to an electrical generator to produce power for Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux-Cored welding.

MIG Power Sources

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MMA Power Sources

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Multi Process Power Sources

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