Packaged Chemicals

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Ammonia NH3

Afrox refrigerant grade ammonia is 99,98% pure with minimal levels of moisture and other impurities making it ideal for usage in all types of refrigeration systems.

Carbon Monoxide

The largest use of carbon monoxide is in the chemical industry where it is used in the synthesis of a wide variety of chemicals.


The main industrial use for ethane is the production of ethene by steam-cracking. It is commonly used as a raw material for the manufacture of halogenated ethane.


Ethylene is the starting material for several industrial syntheses. It is employed as an intermediate in the chemical industry and for the production of plastics.

Hydrogen Chloride

Hydrogen chloride is used to remove the remaining fibres from cotton seeds after the cotton wool has been separated and before the seed is stored for resowing the following season.

Hydrogen Sulphide

Hydrogen sulphide is used as a dopant for indium phosphide and gallium arsenide semiconductors, and as a precursor for the growth of zinc sulphide semiconductors.


Methane is used as a heating fuel for domestic purposes and above all for industrial heating.

Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur dioxide is used in the manufacture of sulphite, hydrogen sulphites and sulphuric acid.

Sulphur Hexafluoride

Sulphur Hexafluoride is as an insulating medium in circuit breakers, switch gear, power substations and gas insulated transmission lines.

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