Payments & Charges

1. How can I pay my invoice?

You can pay your invoices online using a credit or debit card, if you have been assigned the appropriate access rights. Alternatively you can pay on issue of invoice by cheque or bank transfer if you do not have direct debit set up.

Quick Pay offers a simple, fast way to pay your account balance if you haven't set up Direct Debits or automatic payments by card. Alternatively, sign in and keep track of your account and payments in 'My Account' options.

2. How do I arrange to pay for my orders by invoice?

Monthly, weekly and transactional invoicing can be offered to customers. Bespoke and customised invoices are available to select customers although restrictions apply. Contact customer services via Live Chat or on 011 821 3028 who will make arrangements or alternatively go to your local store and complete the forms there.

3. What happens if I don't pay my invoice on time?

As a registered user with an existing Afox account, any gas you order online will be added to your account and payable in accordance with your payment terms. If you do not pay your bills on time this may affect your ability to order or receive products from us. It is therefore very important that if you are unable to pay for any reason you contact customer services via Live Chat or on 011 821 3028 to discuss the matter.

4. What are my payment terms?

Normal terms of payment are by direct debit to be taken on the nearest bank day to the twenty fifth day of the month following the month of invoice date. In the case of methods of payment other than Direct Debit, full payment of invoices in cleared funds must be received by Afrox by the twentieth day of the month following the month of invoice date.

5. How can I set up a Direct Debit?

Please call our customer services team on 011 821 3028.

6. Which payment cards do you accept?

We accept payments by credit and debit card through Visa, Mastercard and American Express. There are no service fees on credit card payments.

7. When will payment be taken on my credit/debit card?

Please allow up to 72 hours from the order being placed for the issuing bank to process the transaction.

8. Will I receive an invoice for credit/debit card orders?

You will receive an order confirmation email that will serve as a receipt for your payment. You will be able to see via the My Account link that the invoice has been paid in full.

9. My payment card has been declined, what should I do?

Check your details are entered correctly and if the card is still declined contact your bank to ensure there are sufficient funds available for use.

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